Ido Portal Corset Workshop Seminarbericht 3

Hier gehts zu noch mehr frei zugänglichen Informationen:

Danke an alle Beitragenden!

Ausserdem zitiere ich ein zietiertes Zitat zitierenderweise:

Loaded progressive stretching is indeed very much based on Coach’s material. As Ido teaches it, LPS should follow two simple rules:

– the tissue you’re trying to work should be loaded –> an increase in ROM should be accompanied by an increase in strength in that ROM.  By the way, this does not imply external weights… It could very well (initially) be bodyweight (for example, a one-leg straight leg deadlift)
– the stretching should be progressive –> you shouldn’t perform the same stretch (same sets, reps, load, ROM, etc.) twice
The system of progression is very simple:
1: always try to improve ROM
2: if you can’t improve ROM –> increase intensity (add weight) (in the next workout)
3: if still no increase in ROM (or the increased intensity led to too much loss of ROM in the first place in which case you should go back down in intensity again) –> increase volume
After you reach a certain point in your current stretch, you should proceed to a more advanced stretch.

So, not a lot of „magic“ in loaded progressive stretching. The concepts are good  (build strength in new ROM, progressive stretching) but nothing new under the sun…

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