Der Super Muskel

Interessanter Beitrag von Mr. Portal heute via Facebook.Macht jemand solche Handstand oder Horsestance Exzesse?Mich würde mal schwer interessieren inwiefern sich sowas mit Schnellkraft/Maximalkrafttraining beisst.Auch in welcher Phase der körperlichen Entwicklung(Alter) solche Sachen vielleicht die gravierensten Veränderungen ausmachen…
Irgendwie passt es nicht ganz zu Ergebnissen wie z.B. aus diesem vergangenen Post oder aus „Krafttraining-Praxis und Wissenschaft“

Die Sache scheint komplex. Spannendes Thema.

Passend dazu habe ich mal von Zef-Zakaveli(Barbarians) einen Tipp zum erreichen der Planche gelesen. Paradoxerweise hat er irgendwas von wegen 2-4×50 Dips pro Tag empfohlen.Also HighReps. Der gute Mann ist für extreme Ausdauer(50 KZ usw.) und extreme Kraft bekannt ist(OAC, Planche,Hangwaagen usw.). Die Jungs im Park haben da allerdings auch eine eher unwissenschaftlichere Herangehensweise. Um die Aussage mal so im Raum stehen zu lassen.

Greatly inspired today by Odelia.
She completed this morning a gargantuous task –

10 min spent in the chest to wall HS.
Why, you might ask?
1. Test of character. Big TEST, as the pain involved with such a long time spent in the position is immense.
2. Long Isometric Holds (LIH) and Long Repeated Efforts (LRE) have been
used for thousands of years now by various schools of movement – from
martial arts to musicians to dancers in order to produce elite levels of
performance and unlock advanced practice.

I was first
introduced to this concept at the age of 9-10 when my martial arts
teacher Odi taught us the ‚Mabu‘ or ‚Horse Stance‘ in Hung Gar class.
There are many numbers thrown out there in relation to Mabu, the most
common ones are:
* 5 min as basic gate into intermediate level practice
* 30 min for advanced
* 2 hours for elite level
I’ve built up to a 10 min Mabu with a broomstick placed on my thighs.
(so if you are too high it will slide) That wasnt fun but I did feel
structural permanent changes to my lower body and I was only able to
unlock the middle split using the Mabu first. (We teach this in our
Corset workshops – come learn the whole Wushu 45 day protocol as it will
change your life mobility-wise. To be done ONCE in a lifetime!)

The Chinese have a special theory about LIH/LRE, claiming that due to
restricted blood flow and various other unique conditions, a new
adaptation occurs and the muscle fibers assume a different constitution –
not type I, type IIb, etc or anything in the continuum between those,
but a new type….

SUPER-FIBER. (to be pronounced in Chinese accent)

A fiber that can produce large amounts of tension like type IIb but
does not depend on oxygen and has extreme endurance capacity as well.

No research is available, at least in the west, to verify this theory,
but pretty much all forms of physical practice in China make use of LIH
and/or LRE in their training.
The Chinese Gymnastics team has been
shown on TV to perform 30 min HS challenge every week in hopes of
increasing blood flow, change muscle function and ‚bulletproof‘ their
Gymnast’s shoulders.

Odel, you kick ass.
I know you eat every day two grown men for breakfast but please spare me!

* PS there are many claims floating around this kind of work producing
wonders that transfer across to other capacities, this has not been our
experience. I believe in SAID. LIH in the HS will not improve your 5Km
run or Fran time or even Press HS substantially. These are bogus claims
from what I’ve seen and experienced.

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